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Magic Cloth

Magic Cloth

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No More Paper Towels, Newspaper, Or Old Rags

Clean like a pro and choose AltaMades Magic Cloth! These microfiber cloths are used and loved by professionals to clean and dry glass and many other surfaces, meaning you are gonna love them too! Microfiber is great for removing debris on glass without scratching and for buffing out any remaining streaks. Plus they are machine washable and stay effective for a long time.


Small: 20cm X 30cm  (About 8in X 12in)

Standard: 30cm X 30cm (About 12in X 12in)

Large: 40cm X 50cm (About 16in X 20in)

NOTE: Please allow for slight measurement deviations due to manual measurement

Multipurpose and Easy

The Magic Cloth cling onto dust, dirt and oil from any hard surface. Whether you just want to quickly wipe down a surface, or use with your favorite cleaners, the Magic cloth is the perfect choice! They are also durable and reusable. Just wipe, wash and reuse! 

Scratch and Streak Free

Clean with no worries. Our microfiber material is soft and strong making it perfect to clean just about any surface without leaving streaks behind. The Magic Cloth is also great for buffing out streaks and smudges on glass.

Absorption Power

The Magic Cloth can absorb up to seven times its own weight! This makes it a good choice for cleaning up spills.

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