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Super Squeegee

Super Squeegee

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The Better Choice 

The Super Squeegee is a great choice for your cleaning needs. The Super Squeegee is versatile and can be used in many different ways. From pushing water to sweeping, the Super Squeegee is the choice for you!

No More Tangled Hairs!

Need to sweep up a hairy mess and not have to deal with detangling a broom? Here's your solution! The Super Squeegee is great for use as a sweeper for all of your messes. It is able to push around dust, dirt, hairs, liquid spills, and much more! Unlike your standard broom/sweeper, the Super squeegee is able to sweep up these messes without a tangled mess.

Cleans Glass

The Super Squeegee is amazing for drying glass. Simply use your favorite cleaning product on your glass, and wipe it off with the Super Squeegee. It is also great for mirrors, glass doors, windows, glass tables, etc.

Removable Head

For cleaning in close proximity, simply remove the head so that the long handle is not in the way. This is especially useful when sweeping off countertops or wiping down objects in close reach.

Rotatable Head

Our Super Squeegee has a 180° rotatable head to help clean at an angle. It is also great to get to those hard to reach areas like under furniture. 

Durable Materials

Here at AltaMade, we are all about providing products of quality. Our Super Squeegee is made out of TPR silicone, which is safe for use on most surfaces and lasts a long time. The handle is made from high grade stainless steel which will prevent rust. The base is made from high quality plastic that is very durable.

Easy to Clean

Finished your cleaning? Now all you have to do is simply rinse off your Super Squeegee and it is good as new. No detangling, mold, or stench.

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