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Magic Mop

Magic Mop

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No More Nasty Mops!

With our innovative magic mop, you won’t have to deal with rinsing and ringing out that disgusting mop head ever again. Our space saving bucket comes equipped with rinse and ring technology which not only makes your mopping experience exponentially easier, but also much faster and cleaner.

Dry Or Wet

Our Magic Mop can be used wet or dry. It works great as a sweeper and as a mop! The included bucket makes the mopping more convenient.

Very Sanitary

The Magic Mop is designed to prevent odor, mold, and bacteria build up with its upright storage and ability to quickly dry. Just scrape the mop in the included bucket until dry.

360° Rotating Handle

Get to all those hard to reach areas easier! No more dead corners or trouble getting under or around objects such as furniture.

Automatic rebound

The mop head automatically rebounds and tilts to the raised position when lifted at a 45° angle or less. This allows for minimal hand contact with the mop head making mopping much more sanitary.

Easy to Clean

The Magic Mop is easy to clean. Just dip it in the water side of your included bucket, then drag it up and down a few times on the drying side to dry it. 

Microfiber Mop Pads

Magic Mop uses microfiber pads. This material is soft and safe for use on many surfaces. The mop pads are also very durable and have a high absorption capacity.

What's In The Box?

The Magic Mop comes with the mop itself, a double section bucket, and two complementary mop pads


NOTE: Please be sure to watch the product video for visual assembly instructions


  1. Roll up your mop pads
  2. Hook the grooved side of the pad to the mop head
  3. Unroll the pad and gently press it onto the velcro fasteners until tight
  4. Connect the lower handle to the mop head
  5. Connect the upper handle to the lower handle and add remaining handle pieces


  1. Snap in the small rectangular support to the bottom of the bucket
  2. Insert the drain plugs
  3. Snap in the two remaining pieces to the top of the bucket

How To Use

Once everything is assembled, you can use your new Magic Mop for sweeping or mopping. 

For Sweeping

Simply push the Magic Mop while dry and watch the dirt, dust and debris be swept away

For Mopping

Add your cleaning solution (We highly recommend using our Ez Cleaning Slice for your cleaning solution) to the wet side of your included bucket. You can dip your Magic mop into the solution to moisten, (if too moist, scrape once on the drying side) then simply push your mop around to clean the desired area. When the mop is full, simply rinse in your cleaning solution and dry on the drying side.

For Spills

To dry any spills, push your mop over the liquid and watch it get absorbed. Simply scrape your mop on the drying side of the bucket to dry your mop and your spill is fixed!

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